Top Picks - The Best Winter Gear for Tradies

Phew! These mornings and nights are getting extreme! Luckily we have some expert tips on how to select the right tradie workpants, jackets and more. Read on to find out what constitutes quality winter workwear.


tradie woman wearing winter hi vis jacket

Image: @BisleyWorkwear

Arguably the most vital choice in your robe! We love the Bisley 3M Taped 2 Tone Hi Vis Anti Static Wet Weather Jacket for a stellar cold weather jacket that's waterproof, hi-vis, and elasticated storm cuffs. However, any jacket that strikes the right balance between warmth and movability will work well. Invest in one that's waterproof and wind-breaking while also being padded in a relaxed fit, so you can move and stretch. 


tradie wearing bisely flex and move hoodie

Image: @BisleyWorkwear

Especially necessary for getting out the door on cold winter mornings when it's still dark outside. Go for a hoodie that's 100% cotton with a brushed fleece lining. We love the Flex & Move clothing range and especially their lined hoodies with sleeve toggles - made for comfort and flexibility while on the job.  


man wearing cotton undershirt

Image: @BisleyWorkwear

The best jacket or hoodie is nothing without that underlayer that lies close to the skin. Key to the perfect shirt is one that's breathable and can be easily peeled off depending on the weather. 100% cotton polo shirts are a great option as they're close-lying yet breathable and warming. Otherwise, long sleeve henleys and thermals will also work well - although beware of getting too hot in your thermals after you start work. If nothing else - we find a trusty old flanno/singlet combination works every time.

Long Pants

Image: @BisleyWorkwear

Standard cargo long pants are a great option - durable and fit well for ease of movement. Check the pants have triple-stitched seams. Stay away from lightweight utility pants. We love these Bisley Flex & Move™ Stretch Cargo Utility Pants for their flexibility and warmth.

Hats & Gloves

tradie woman wearing beanie and gloves

Image: @BisleyWorkwear

Of course, it's a no brainer that you should be accessorising with beanies, gloves, and scarfs. Tax-deductible steel-capped boots are also a must, Steel Blue make some quality ones. 

Have we missed anything out? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime - good luck and stay warm.