Tips for Sticking With Dry July

We're mid-way through July - which means if you're attempting to do Dry July this month - you're at the halfway (and hardest) point. For many of us the prospect of Dry July is like eating your vegetables - something you know you should do but really don't want to do. So how to keep eating 'veggies'? Here are some tips on how to continue to survive (and thrive) this Dry July - if you're giving it a go.

Think About Your 'Why'

guy looking at fridge

Sounds fairly 'woo-woo' but when your will is tested, it helps to think about the reasons you've committed in the first place. 

We recommend compiling a list - everything from the physical benefits to the emotional and psychological benefits - to yourself and those around you. 

Write out the list multiple times or photocopy it. Place one in your wallet, one on the outside of the fridge, and one inside your favourite stubby holder - you get the idea. 

Have An If-Then Strategy

couple enjoying date-night

Getting tempted after work or on the weekends? Come up with an 'if-then' strategy. E.g. 'if I want a beer then I'll drink a vitamin water instead' or 'if my mates invite me for drinks on Friday, I'll turn them down and have a date-night with the misses' etc.

Enlist In Friends & Champions 

tradie mates eating lunch

Image: Paul Kane

It's always easier to stick to our plans if we have our environment set up - with friends in the same boat or people supporting us. Ask your drinking buddies to join you at the halfway point for a boost. Or if your friends don't want to, at the very least ask them to not tempt you from trying to stay sober! Hopefully, most of them will get on board - especially if you explain why it's important. 

Notice Cravings Will Rise and Subside 

guy meditating

Image: Robert Manni

A good strategy to being tempted is to gently distract yourself e.g. with TV or conversation. Studies show after 15 minutes the craving will subside.

Know that the cravings will intensify and then subside. recommends taking a meditative state here rather than judging the urge as 'bad' - simply notice it's arising in a detached way and acknowledge it, letting it pass by

We hope these tips help you keep going with your Dry July journey! Shoot us an email or comment on our Facebook page if they did.

Note: if you think you have a serious problem with alcohol it's important that the issue is resolved with professional help. Book an appointment with your GP or check out the Australian Psychological Society's 'Find a Psychologist' resource at