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Showing 1 - 48 of 105 products
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Bisley Oxford Shirt - Long Sleeve - Blue (BS6030) - Trade WearBisley Oxford Shirt - Long Sleeve - Blue (BS6030) - Trade Wear
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Bisley Bisley Oxford Shirt Long Sleeve (BS6030) - Trade WearBisley Bisley Oxford Shirt Long Sleeve (BS6030) - Trade Wear
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Bisley Metro Shirt - Long Sleeve - Blue (BS6031) - Trade WearBisley Metro Shirt - Long Sleeve - Blue (BS6031) - Trade Wear

Premium & Affordable Long Sleeve Work Shirts For Australia’s Growing Workforce

Built to withstand the demands of Australian work environments, Bisley offers a full collection of men's long-sleeve work shirts. Combining premium quality with affordability, Bisley men’s shirts are custom-made for Australia's expanding workforce. Crafted from durable fabrics and featuring innovative details, such as dual button-down chest pockets, these long sleeve shirts provide convenience and durability on the job. 

Bisley’s high-quality long sleeve shirts are tailored to suit hardworking men across various industries. From plumbers navigating tight spaces to electricians braving challenging conditions, miners enduring rugged terrains, carpenters crafting with precision, or landscapers tackling outdoor projects, Bisley workwear provides the comfort and durability needed for optimum performance day in and day out.

Bisley Long Sleeve Shirts Offer Unmatched Safety, Durability & Comfort

Bisley long sleeve shirts for men are the pinnacle of safety, durability, comfort and style, setting a standard unmatched by competitors. Engineered for the toughest jobs, they are packed with features that guarantee reliability in demanding work environments. 

With a range of fabrics, fits, colours, and sizes, there's a long sleeve shirt for every tradesman. Design features like Fresche microbial treatment for long-lasting freshness and X Airflow technology for optimal ventilation, long sleeve shirts keep you cool and comfortable throughout the workday. 

Crafted from premium cotton blends, including Cotton Chambray and Cotton Ripstop, Bisley men’s shirts offer unrivalled comfort and practicality, making them the go-to choice for hardworking tradies nationwide.

Style Your Men’s Work Shirts With Bisley Pants

Protection isn't just a luxury in the trades—it's a necessity. Pairing your Bisley Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt with our range of work pants provides comprehensive protection in any work environment. From reinforced stitching to durable fastenings, pants are engineered to withstand the harshest work conditions without compromising style. With features like multiple pockets and breathable technology, comfort is guaranteed all day long. 

Explore the range of pants, including slim, lightweight, and cargo pants, and get the right gear for your job.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Bisley long sleeve shirts are ideal for industrial work environments thanks to their durability, safety features, and comfortable design.

Yes, Bisley men’s shirts provide comfort and protection in all seasons. They feature breathable fabrics for hot weather and layering options for colder months.

Refer to our comprehensive men's sizing chart to select the correct size for your Bisley long-sleeve shirt. It's your go-to resource for ensuring all your Bisley workwear fits precisely.

Follow the care instructions for optimal maintenance, and remember to check the labels on individual items for specific guidance.

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