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Tradie Workwear Designed For All Trade Industries 

We proudly offer Bisley's range of ladie’s short-sleeve work shirts, engineered to provide unmatched durability, comfort, and functionality in the face of any trade industry's challenges. These shirts outperform traditional trade wear options, incorporating features such as reinforced panelling, tailored necklines, high-visibility biomotion taping, and added stretch for an exceptional fit and range of motion. 

Innovative features like laser-perforated X Airflow™ ventilation technology and the Flex & Move™ breathable material will keep you cool, agile, and comfortable in any working conditions. Whether you're on the construction site or the factory floor, Bisley ensures optimal performance from both you and your gear, making these short-sleeve women’s work tops the preferred choice for women who demand the best in workwear.

Trusted For Generations Across Australia - Ladies’ Short Sleeve Work Shirts 

Women in trades have long struggled to find workwear that combines both form and function. Bisley understood this challenge and worked tirelessly to develop a line of women’s short-sleeved work shirts that met the demands of tradeswomen all across Australia. By focusing on key elements such as fit, durability, and safety, and constantly seeking feedback from women in various industries, Bisley has established itself as the leading provider of women's workwear, trusted for over 60 years by generations of hardworking Aussies.

Bisley Women's Short Sleeve Work Shirts Are The Best Choice For The Toughest Jobs

Made with high-quality cotton and innovative materials like the elastic composite T400, the women's short sleeve work shirt provides the consistent quality that tradies require. With their steadfast commitment to meeting rigorous safety standards, Bisley's women's workwear collection offers a perfect fit for every job and occupation. These garments are also extensively tested and certified to meet high AUS/NZ and ISO standards. So, whether you need a lightweight option for sweltering summer days or a flexible design for those hard-to-reach places, Bisley's collection of women's shirts offers unrivalled comfort and ergonomic features. Trust Tradewear, the #1 supplier of women's work shirts to bring you the Bisley difference today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bisley's women's short-sleeved work shirts cater to most trade industries, providing tailored levels of protection for each sector. We offer industry-specific protection, ensuring you have the appropriate level of durability, comfort, and safety for your sector, be it construction, manufacturing, or roadwork.

Bisley recognises the importance of sun safety for outdoor workers and offers a range of short-sleeved ladies work shirtswith UPF and SPF ratings. These sun-protective options provide an extra layer of defence against UV rays while keeping the wearer comfortable and cool.

Bisley’s range of short-sleeved work shirts includes options made from polyester mesh, cotton chambray, cotton open mesh, and cotton preshrunk drill. Their new range also includes T400, a high-stretch fibre that retains its elasticity and shape, offering a soft hand feel and enhanced durability.

Certainly, Bisley offers a range of ladie’s work shirts with a short sleeve that comply with various AUS/NZ and ISO standards, combining a professional appearance with safe practical features such as hi-vis, static-safe fabrics, and UPF/SPF protection  Some of their worktops also include the practical Fresche® antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria, mould, and viruses. Be sure to read the product descriptions for exact specifications. 

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