How The Tradie Payday Offer Works

Our payday offer is an incentive you will receive after placing your order. The payday is returned as a store credit voucher and is based on a % or fixed dollar amount from your order. You'll have a short period (typically 14 days) to use your payday or share with someone else.

This is a limited-time offer that commences May 6th 2024 and ends midnight May 31st 2024. There is no minimum purchase to be eligible for the payday offer and to receive your payday offer you simply need to purchase with us. Your offer will land in you a few short minutes after placing your order so keep an eye out.

% Cashback Offer

You'll get cashback in the form of store credit to be used on any next purchase (one time use only)

Use It or Lose It

You'll have 14 days from your initial purchase date to redeem the credit otherwise it will expire.

Other Promotions

You may qualify to use this offer with other offers we have running such as free shipping or product discount

Share It With a Mate

Anyone can use your payday offer, simply share the code with a mate and they will be entitled to use your offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are entitled to a fixed % or $ amount of your order amount. So if the payday offer is 10% and your order is $150, we'll pay you (or a mate) $15 in storecredit to shop again.

This payday campaign will last all of May 2024, you will have 14 days (after your purchase date) to use the payday offer itself.

Yes. You are welcome to share the offer with anyone you wish. Once used, your offer expires.

Your offer acts as store credit and will used in full if the value of the order is greater than the payday offer itself. So if your offer is $10 and the order is $100, you will only pay $90 and the entire offer will be used.


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