Get Mo-Tivated For Movember

Movember is coming! A great cause that's a bit of fun too here's how to approach Movember like a pro.

1. Set Up Your Mo-Space

To join the fundraiser sign up at and create a Mo-Space fundraising page. This is where the mo-ney happens so make sure you deck it out like your latest reno with photos, your mo-tivation and set a fundraising target. Share your Mo-space page online across socials. 

2. Mo What You're Doing

Image: Movember

Growing a Mo?

There are two rules according to the official Movember site:

1. Start clean-shaven on Movember 1st 

2. No beards or goatees etc. stick to the Mo.

Bonus tips:

Use beard oil to encourage the mo and set out to grow a particular signature style - a full handlebar or a modest pencil - get creative. 

No Growing a Mo?

two women with fake mustaches

Image: Prostate Cancer UK

If you're not able to grow a Mo there are a few options available:

  • Become a Mo Sista - this is for the ladies that want to support the men in their lives. Become a Mo Sista by setting up a page, rocking's official apparel and merch, as well as spreading the word.
  • For guys and girls - you can participate in MOVE for Movember - a 30-day fitness challenge designed to get you moving.  
  • You can host a Mo-ment - a dinner, a footy match, a start of the month shave down. Whatever you like to raise funds. 
  • If you, unfortunately, can't grow the mo - you can create a workplace challenge - get your tradie mates into it while you organise and call the shots.
  • You can, of course, choose instead to donate to someone else's page.

We hope we inspired you to get mo-ving and give Movember a day. Let us know if you did. We'd love to see your staches.