How To Save $$ On Your Next Work Project

In NSW it's required by law that employers supply PPE, project managers, tools (tool allowances don't count!) and, of course, salaries for staff and crew. That's a lot of outgoing expenses! With all that going on, it's worthwhile to think about how a construction company can cut down on costs and ensure the client and the job goes smoothly.

Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade we've picked up so far.

1. Boost Communication

tradie on the phone

It's old fashioned yet true. You can save tons of time and energy by 'getting it right' the first time and encouraging effective onsite communication. Consider workplace seminars or even investing in work phones that allow everyone to update and work on the same documents while keeping in contact with one another. 

2. Time Tracking & Scheduling 

construction site time tracking

Another dollar-saver is to track your worker's progress. Know what the best start times for your staff and crew are by checking what weather conditions work best, what's the best pace for individual workers, and what delays to account for. These days you can even invest in wearable technologies e.g. body cameras that allow site managers to spot worker errors and understand what's slowing progress.

3. Comparison Shopping Discounts 

bundle and save sign

Each construction company has to invest in overheads such as tools, clothing, and general equipment. Research the best quality available to you by looking at what products are easy to use, efficient, have great warranties and amazing reviews.  Once you've found your perfect PPE, tool or piece of equipment, cut down on small costs by comparison shopping on bundle deals and discounts.

tradie clothing bundle deals

At Trade Wear, we have bundle deals and discounts on some of our most popular Bisley-branded clothing items, so once you know what you want you can stock up. Save 5% buying 2 - 3 items all the way up to 15% off when buying 10 items or more.

Just select 'order in bulk' on the product page for significant discounts. 

4. Inventory Your Assets

tradie taking inventory

Reduce the cost of investment even further by setting up an inventory management system. This will help reduce the risk of theft, loss, and general disorganisation that's so common in the trades. 

5. Focus On Planning

project manager onsite

The right Project Manager or Site Manager who focuses on planning with the architect, client, and construction crew will ensure no wasted time or materials. Look for those with a focus on the latest technologies and communication methods available. These employees are thinking about constant onsite improvement and are invaluable in the amount they can save on work sites. 

Good luck - let us know if you used any of these tricks helped you save on your next project! If you have questions about our bundle discount deals get in touch with the Trade Wear team today.