How To Protect Your Tools from Theft

Theft of tools soared in 2018, with over half a million dollars worth of claims made to insurance companies - that's not counting the uninsured tools stolen! Unfortunately, tradies make easy targets because we have to use expensive tools but aren't always able to keep an eye on them. That, and the fact that many different companies and people can be on a worksite at any given time, makes our equipment vulnerable.

So what to do? Here are four quick tips on how to secure your worksite and tools so you're not heartbroken.  

Distinctly Mark Your Tools 

tradie tools being engraved

One of the reasons thieves steal tradie tools more often these days is because they don't have to rely on pawn shops for resale anymore. They can just go online. That's where a handy can of neon pink spray paint comes in. 'Uglify' your tools by spraying them pink, green, even multicoloured (just don't cover up the serial number). Carving your name and number with the option of reward into the handles also helps make the tools as distinct as possible. Cover it all up with a clear coat to help it stick. 

Take photos as well to identify your tools to the police, should thieves still choose to steal them. People don't want tools that can easily be traced. If you're the boss make this a company policy - so that no one will feel weird about spray painting their grinder in glitter.

Lock It Up

tool storage cabinet

This seems like a no brainer but one of the reasons tool-thieves exist at all is because tradies leave their tools onsite at night and think no one will take them. 

Set up a lock-up system that means thieves have to make noise in order to break in and take your tools. Install a locking cabinet with heavy duty hinges, or a storage cabinet in your garage that's chained down will ward off thieves. 

Invest In Tools With Inbuilt Security Solutions 

These days you can buy power tools that are lockable with an app. Label the tools as remotely lockable to let thieves know in advance that they won't get any use out of them. Even better, add to that label on your storage cabinet that the tools are GPS trackable (whether or not they actually are). There's nothing more offputting to a thief. 

Insure Your Tools

We don't have to tell you a tradies' tools are their livelihood! If the unthinkable does happen and you lose your tools, insuring with a comprehensive tradesman package means they'll be replaced as soon as possible and you can get back to work in no time. Especially important for self-employed tradies.   

Did we get all of the main ideas? Let us know if you have any tips or tricks for tradie tool security. Get in touch or find us on Facebook

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