How Tradies Can Beat The Heat This Summertime

Heat stress is a real thing tradies deal with during summertime, especially now during Jan and February.  Dr Matt Brearley a Thermal Physiologist from Charles Darwin University has even found that prolonged heat exposure in tradies can result in 'heat hangovers' that last for days and cause symptoms of headaches, nausea, lack of energy, lethargy, and lack of appetite.

All that's to say you have to be aware of the effect of heat exposure and account for it. Here's a few tips from Dr Matt on how to beat the heat both during and after your shift. 

Drink More Water

Some people say you shouldn't drink cold water because your body overheats to absorb it; however, according to Dr Matt, that's not true. Water absorption is based on the volume and density of the water. So drink a cold or lukewarm beverage - the choice is up to you, but make sure you're are hydrating every hour.    

tradie drinking water

Take A Lukewarm Shower

A hot shower can cause your body to overheat while a cold one can cause blood to rush to your skin's surface as your body tries to maintain it's core temperature. So as with all things in life, choose the happy medium with a lukewarm shower that's 33 degrees or so.

shower head

Cooling, Light Clothing

Choosing natural fabrics that provide breathability and temperature regulation through moisture wicking. Bamboo and cotton are great options here. 

Additionally, choose clothing that's light with strategic inserts to help with heat management. See e.g. the Bisley Coldblack Treated 3M Taped 2 Tone Hi-Vis Shirt with heat management tech to help reduce the penetration of the sun's rays through the fabric.

tradies in bisley hi vis vest for heat management

Don't Forget To Eat  

One of the effects of heat exposure is reduced hunger which can cause symptoms to get worse over time. Keep a regular meal schedule or set of meals to eat throughout the day and make sure you don't skip any - even if you don't feel like it. Your body will thank you for it. 

tradies eating their lunch together 

If you're interested in heat management clothing for the summer period, check out our personal protective equipment category for heat management. Stay cool with professional Bisley branded heat management clothing this summer.