How To Stretch Your Body This Winter

Winter mornings can mean tight, stiff muscles and cold limbs. Luckily, there are some quick stretches you can do each morning that will help your warm up in winter time and keep safe.

Try Dynamic Stretches

The Australian Institute of Sport recommends something called 'dynamic stretching' to warm up before a work out. It's where you use movement and momentum to loosen your muscles (as opposed to static stretch).

Dynamic stretches are reported to be less stressful to muscles, especially when it's cold outside. Read on to see what dynamic stretches you should be trying before getting on with the work day.

tradie stretching

Stretches for Weight-Lifting

If you're going to be working your legs and upper body lifting heavy weights, you need to work your calves, shoulders, and core. 

Body weight squats - Tuck your bottom towards the floor and keep your chest lifted as you squat.  

Medicine ball rotations - Sit on the ground with knees bent and hold a weight to your chest. Slowly rotate your torso from right to left keeping a straight spine. 

Resistance band exercises - There are so many options but a great one is to place both feet under the resistance band and hold the ends. Face your palms outwards and curl your biceps. 

Walking lunges - Make sure you keep your bending knee steady and chest lifted here. 

Stretches for Repetitive Arm Actions

Try this stretch workout if you spend your day hammering, sawing, or wrenching repetitively.

Shoulder swings - Lift you arms above your head and then swing them down in a circular motion to rotate and loosen your shoulders and triceps. 

Torso twists - Try the medicine ball rotation above.

Resistance band movements - Try the bicep curl above!

Hand warm ups - Hold your hands out and make a fist then quickly splay your hands outwards like you are flashing 10 fingers. Do this for a full minute until you feel heat. 

hand stretches

credit: WebMD

How Do You Know When You're Ready to Start Work?

If you've built up body warmth or even a light sweat, you're warmed up enough to start work. Always check how your muscles feel. Loose and primed? You're ready to start the day. 

It's Not Just About Warming Up 

Keeping the body warm doesn't just mean warming up your muscles and you're done. Protective clothing such as gloves, boots, vestsrain and windproof jackets, fleece hoodies and even merino wool thermals, will help to keep your limbs loose and warm throughout the day. 

Going to try a stretch routine at the start of each day? Let us know how you go! If you're interested in a winter range to keep warm, check out our Flex and Move range of fleece hoodies and canvas outerwear.