So Freshe! How Bisley's Reinventing It's Work Wear With Antibacterial Science

Bisley have released their 2020 New Arrivals and they're looking fresche, yes we spelt that correctly. All new Bisley mens and womens work wear is now being treated with Fresche Bioscience microbial control treatments. In layman's terms, really fancy antibacterial protection. 

What Is Fresche?


Fresche Bioscience is an Australian company making strides in the research of antimicrobial protection. Their antimicrobial apparel treatments provide high performance, broad-spectrum antibacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection to fabric.

Interested in testing it out for yourself? You definitely can, many of Bisley's 2020 New Arrivals are now all treated with Fresche apparel guard, meaning your clothes stay cleaner for longer. 

Our Favourite Bisley X Fresche Work Wear

Here are some of our favourite Fresche-treated options from the new Bisley 2020 range for men and women. 

Bisley Stretch Cotton Drill Cargo Pants 

bisley mens pant

The perfect balance of quality, comfort and utility - the Bisley Stretch Cotton Drill Cargo Pants are stylish and come in a range of utilitarian colours. 

Bisley Womens Flex and Move™ Stretch Cotton Skort 


Sick of wearing pants and shorts on the job? Now you can change it up with the Bisley Flex and Move Stretch Cotton Skort. Comfortable, made with natural fabrics and Fresche treated. 

Bisley Women's Cotton Drill Coverall 

bisley womens coverall

Form-fitting and well-made, the Bisley Women's Cotton Drill Coverall is Fresche treated but also sun protected with a UPF of 50+. Perfect for hot weather days that require PPE.

Interested in the Fresche range? Check out our 2020 Bisley New Arrivals page for  all the Fresche treated workwear items.