Celebrating Lady Tradies & International Women's Day

Did you know before Whoppi Goldberg was singing on Sister Act she was bricklaying part time in the 70s?

Women have been a part of the trades industry for many years and although women only account for 2% of the workforce they play a critical role by filling a gap in the market. 

Why Female Tradies Are On The Rise

female tradies

Female tradies are on the rise with Hipage's experiencing a six fold increase in tradie women in 2015. When examining why, one common suggestion by researchers is women know they're different from men and they're starting to using it to their economic advantage. 

For example, one study found men are twice as likely to take risks at work while women tend to be cautious and leave less room for error. A valuable trait for many employers.

Other research suggests women may understand better how to communicate clearly and effectively while being personable.  

Anecdotally, Wendy Pinch, who created The Lady Tradie website noted that she's had clients contact her that were elderly, alone and female and didn't feel comfortable with inviting male tradies into their homes.

“It dawned on me that these girls were out there, but they weren’t marketing themselves well, and on the flipside, people wanted to hire them but weren’t able to find them,” she says.

How to Feel Comfortable In The Workforce

 female tradie

Many female tradies have reported it's important to find a supportive workplace. Other's note it's important to 'know your worth' when going into a room full of guys. And you're definitely worthwhile! It's predicted women entering male-dominated workforces such as construction have the potential to boost GDP by 11% and economic growth by $25 billion over the next ten years! 

Lastly, Sally Liddell notes it's important to develop a strong support system when starting out. Organisations such as Lady Tradies Australia and SALT Australia are now available to connect with other women working in non-traditional roles.

So there you have it! Female tradies are rocking the trades industry and should be proud! Interested in female trades clothing? Check out our Women's range to shop women's styles and sizes.